No news is good news?

Not really. In this case no news is no news, and the longer this waiting goes on the more I get worried that my summer trip (which is paid for) will be undermined.

I think I have read everything worthwhile that is freely available online, so I don’t spend much of my time reading about cancer. I return regularly to one document and study which shows the link between the recurrence score the Oncotype DX test gives and the usual prognostic and predictive factors. The one that interests me the most is tumour grade. I got a terrible upgrade from grade 2 to grade 3 after surgery, which has been bothering me as it opens the door to the possibility of chemo. This is the news I’m waiting for.

The image below has been taken from the publication at this link, which is in turn from this study. Grade 3 = Poor and the as far as recurrences scores go the low risk is green, medium risk is yellow and red is high risk. Not hard to figure out.


The conclusion I have reached in my reading, and I can easily accept I might be wrong, is that the assignment of grade is a bit subjective. Ultimately it is a human being looking through the microscope and I expect each sample is unique and many will be borderline. Nevertheless, looking at the above it seems to me there is a high chance my results will come back with as medium or high risk, but there is also a significant chance of a low recurrence score. Time will tell. Until then I shall look for distractions.

All of this only serves to drive myself crazy. All this reading serves little purpose because if anyone had a hint or any clue whatsoever, we would not be bothering with this very expensive test. I think I am trying to intellectualize this (which is an odd thing to say since the information available is sparse and too watered down) and find a way to prepare myself to accept a bad outcome should it come to that. All this reading and mulling over things  creates a certain detachment from it as well as objectivity in thinking about it.

So, it is still a waiting game. If it’s good news, well, I’ll have a party with all my friends and if it’s bad news….well, I might still have a party with all my friends.

P.S. I found a useful article which aids understanding of the decision-making process on treatment. There are lots of good links to other articles in the reference section too.


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