My blog is magic

Every time I get fed up with waiting and express it here my phone seems to ring. Well, in this case it rang about 20 minutes after hitting “publish” on the last blog.

I was double referred to Sutton and South Kensington, and Sutton called to find out where I wanted to go and then two days later I got a call and appointment from South Kensington. I’ll have the planning appointment next Wednesday and the treatment itself will start about 2 weeks after that.

I can’t remember when I looked forward to anything less. I’m hoping they have one of those modern machines that allows them to do the breast and the boost to the tumour site at the same time, otherwise there’ll be extra days of the treatment. I’ve really come to hate that word (treatment).

It all sounds very space age in fact – getting zapped by a “linear accelerator.” I wish I had some belief that any of this was worthwhile and there is actually something in there that needs zapping.

Ditto on the Tamoxifen. I wish I was convinced that’s worthwhile too: there’s about a 2% benefit for the 5 year prognosis and a 5.6% benefit (See how I didn’t round it to 6%? To be consistent I could have written 2.4% too, but prefer to leave it at 2%.) It doesn’t seem like a big enough gain to me….


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