Blood tests

That blood test eventually gave (mostly the GP) a scare. Not the same GP of course.  The results showed a quite abnormal liver function and low phosphorus. It prompted a referral back to the oncologist and an eventual visit to her yesterday as well as another blood test.

Remember that virus? Seems to have been the culprit which is what I told the GP (a different one) when I went back for the results. He did order a second one and then when those results were much improved I said that perhaps we should forget about going back to the oncologist, but he didn’t want to hear about it. Then a couple of weeks later when I got the letter for an appointment with the oncologist, I said, perhaps we should wait another week until I will have a 3rd blood test which might be even more improved making and the visit even more pointless. They didn’t want to hear about either. Ah well.

When I got to the oncologist yesterday, I told her all this and she just laughed. She turns out to be really nice. She seemed nice the first time, but it was all business and just in and out. Yesterday I had sort of a normal chat and there was nothing heavy to talk about. I think if things were different and we met socially she’s the sort of person I’d have as a friend.

Yesterday, in all this, I sort of realized that I am quite alone in all this. Not just with this breast cancer but in general.


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