Radiotherapy Days 3-6


Day 3 – Thursday

I started the day by waking up in the wee hours of the day as my breast was sore. When I reported the pain/soreness 2 out of 3 of the technicians seemed surprised and the third seemed to go to extremes to tell me this can be normal too. It made me very worried because if normally you don’t get symptoms until after 2 weeks, what will I feel like by the end of week 4?  I felt exhausted by the late afternoon but pushed through and went to bed by 20:30.

Day 4 – Friday

More of the same. Woke early at 4am due to soreness/pain and never really got to sleep. Felt paranoid about going in that day. It felt hot a few hours after the treatment and I was tired.

Over the weekend I felt tired a lot, especially in then evening.

The off days

I was really tired on Saturday but felt ok Sunday and tried to go sculling.  I stayed out for about 20 minutes because every time I arrived at the catch, by right breast would brush against my leg and it was really painful.

Day 5 – Monday

I had quite a lot of anxiety going in that day and had something of a somber mood. In the morning I had found the aloe vera gel and applied it at the office and then again after the treatment and again before going home from work and again in the evening. It is nice against the hot burning feeling (my skin was pink by not actually burning). I felt tired around 15:30 – this is 3 hours post treatment. I pushed through it as I had to get home and then the children have a pesky way of wanting to talk about their day, wanting to eat a meal and get help with their homework.

Day 6 – Tuesday

I don’t know if the aloe is a wonder gel or not, but I slept better, had less soreness and felt better upon waking.  I applied the aloe in the same way – after my shower, at the office, directly after treatment upon arriving home and before going to bed. I’m putting on the E45 here and there too. I was tired like the other days, but not like the tired of last Thursday. I’m sure working from home and not taking the 7:14 train to London helped.



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