Day 7 – Wednesday

Same gig. The cool Australian woman was there again. I like her.

I find my appointment times keep getting delayed because men with prostate cancer seem to need to have their bladders full and then struggle to hold it in and need to use the loo before their appointment. So starts a new process of drinking water.  I have no prostate or bladder cancer, but I too have a hard time holding it in for long so I have plenty of sympathy there.  I think they simply call that middle age. People keep telling me I’m not middle-aged but I’m 45 (until tomorrow), which puts me halfway to 90, so I’m pretty sure that’s the middle.

I felt pretty good both before and after the radiotherapy yesterday, although when I got home I was surprised to see how red it was. I had a super busy day yesterday and once I got home and ready for bed I noticed I was quite sore again and there was a burning feeling. With a good distraction – like going to see Kinky Boots – it also seems to be easy to put out of your mind.

I didn’t get home until after 11 last night and didn’t get to sleep before midnight and woke at 6am, so I am tired. I seem to be able to sleep before midnight and until 6 or 6:30 everyday but not after. What is wrong with me? I guess the point is that I need to go to bed early, but this is hard to do as the kids follow me into my bedroom and chatter to me.

So that was Day 7.  This morning the boob is burning. It seems that you can go 2 days and then the 3rd day puts you over the edge. That was how it was last week too. I’m happy that Monday is a bank holiday so I only have to go in 4 days.


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